Baby Diaper Bag- What you need to know?

I had an active social life before I had my baby. I used to go to get-together and movies with my friends. Picnics and small trips were an integral part of my social life. After I had my baby, I continued with these getaways. Thanks to the great diaper bag I was gifted by my mother!!! Here is my take to get a good baby diaper bag.

baby diaper bag

Why you need a diaper bag?

If you want your life to be easy and organized with a baby in tow, you need it. Just as you need a wardrobe to keep things organized at home, you need a diaper bag to manage your outdoor trips with baby, whether short or long. A diaper bag is a perfect space to store everything you need for your baby. It’s a handy essential when going for trips or excursions.

Things needed by a baby when outdoors can’t be kept in your trolley bag or luggage. It will be quite difficult to get the needed things in case of urgency. So, a baby diaper bag is an answer to all your needs while traveling or going for a day outdoor activity.

What to look for?

  • The very first and most important thing is the material it is made up of! It must be of strong and washable material and must be lightweight to carry. A waterproof lining is a must to prevent any kind of spills if it occurs.
  • It must have multiple compartments for storing extra diapers, wet wipes, tissues, cotton, baby’s water bottle, formula-feed, feeding bottles. Multiple compartments can keep the items organized and easy to locate.
  • Its size should not be too small or too huge. A medium-sized baby diaper bag will be the best to suit your everyday requirements. If you are a frequent traveler, you can choose a bigger bag but look for a comfortable and strong bag.
  • If a baby diaper bag comes with a changing sheet it is a great blessing.  A separate sheet will be a great asset that you need while changing the baby’s diaper or clothes on the way. If you are using a public washroom to change your baby’s clothes than it is hygienically better to use this changing sheet.
  • I look for a baby diaper bag with a mobile and wallet pocket because I don’t wish to carry my handbag where I am with my baby. The bag should have a mobile pocket (preferably a big one) to keep your mobile phone.
  • The design and look of the baby diaper bag is an essential feature to look for. It must be trendy to suit your taste in clothes. You need not compromise on your looks with a shabby looking or a mismatched baby bag.

What to carry in a Diaper Bag?

This list can vary from person to person. Here is my checklist of all the essential things to carry in a baby diaper bag.

  • Diapers – You can keep spare diapers depending upon your travel time and the age of the baby. A young baby needs more changes than a baby over one year in age.  2 to 3 diapers for your day-long trip will be enough.
  • Clothes – Keep at least one pair of clothes with you.
  • Nappy cream – Anti rash cream is a must to protect the baby’s soft and delicate skin.
  • Milk bottle and Formula milk pack- You need to carry a milk bottle and formula milk to fulfill your baby’s need while outdoor.
  • Water bottle- Boiled water or mineral water bottle that can be used to feed the baby or to prepare formula has to be in the baby diaper bag.
  • Baby food- You can carry a small snack box as you must feed homemade food to your baby.
  • Headgear- a woolen or cotton cap can be a part of your baby bag depending upon the weather.
  • Toy-A small toy or a teether is a must for a cranky baby. So, remember to carry it.
  • Bib and Handkerchief –These are essential for feeding your baby. They must be carried in the bag.
  • Dry Tissues- These are essential to wipe clean while feeding.
  • Wet wipes – To clean your baby when she has created a mess.
  • Sanitizer – For safety, keep a good alcohol-based baby safe sanitizer with you.
  • Spoon and a dish- if your baby is older than you must carry a spoon and a dish to help in your feeding ritual
  • Other essentials – You must also carry medicines, baby oil, baby cream, etc with you in your diaper bag. 
  • Mom’s things that can be kept in this bag as well instead of carrying a separate bag are
    • Mobile phone and charger
    • Wallet
    • keys (house/car/bike)
    • sunglasses

How to take care of a diaper bag/its hygiene?

  • A diaper bag must be washed regularly with a good but mild detergent
  • It must be regularly exposed to sunlight to disinfect it naturally and kill the unseen germs.
  • It should be kept in a clean and dry place at home when not in use.

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