Baby Food – Tips to Manage Fussy Eaters

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Hello Mommies and Daddies,

If you have landed to this article, it means you are concerned about your baby’s diet or want to tackle your new fussy eater!! Then you are at the right article. It is all about that…

Experimenting with baby food is very exciting but challenging as well. Making your baby eat and then making her eat well is definitely the most challenging part of our daily lives. In this article, I have tried to include a few suggestions as per my experience that I believe can be of some help to you and can make your transitioning phase a bit simpler. Please read on and don’t forget to like, comment and share.

Tip No 1: Your baby eats good, Don’t Worry

Are you always worried with the thoughts “My baby hasn’t eaten anything. She must be hungry. She is not even eating now. What should I do?”. Please, don’t be. Most of the babies eat well. It is we mommies who always think that our baby is not being properly fed. Obviously, not developing taste for certain foods might be there with the baby and some different options can be explored in that case. However, babies generally eat as per their hunger. It is believed that they understand their body cues better than adults and know when they are hungry and when they are full. So, leave some decisions to your baby and never force feed her. This will only upset their little tummies. You will get to know when they are throwing just the tantrums and then only you can try with your full “power” to feed her.

Tip No 2: Choose healthy baby food options

Well, I am a kind of mum who is very desperate when it comes to giving healthy food to my baby. And I am quite rigid too, in the sense, that I would never want her to indulge in biscuits, chocolates or other processed stuff. Believe me, you need to be like that if you want your baby to eat healthy and stay fit. You also need to cut down on your taste buds because if you indulge in such foods in front of her, with what right you will stop her from eating? That gets difficult sometimes but definitely not impossible.

However, sometimes I do allow her to taste a piece of chocolate or eat a biscuit as sweets are a part and parcel of a baby’s life. But, I make sure that I try and give her healthy options such as eating jaggery (gur) or bake cakes for her with “chocolate” frostings at home. This way, I am able to manage and control her diet myself.

Tip No 3: Give her a proper space away from gadgets and other disturbing factors

Making your baby eat while watching TV or while using mobile phones is a big NO NO. Mind it! A big NO. With this, she may eat for some while but you are developing wrong habits for her . This will not only disturb her eating plan but make her irritable as well. Get a good high chair or a booster seat and make your baby eat on it. This will make her develop good eating habits gradually and also make her enjoy and experiment with her meals to the fullest. You can also have a full control on her as she can’t move away.

Also, serve her meals in attractive bowls/plates with good spoons and a fork (such as this). I always followed this practice and with this Ananya could very early start eating on her own. I just had to give her a decorated plate and she could start on her own.

Tip No 4: Be experimental with the baby food you give

Can we eat monotonous food items everyday? Obviously No. Similar case is with the babies. They get bored very very easily. So, always try to serve them with attractive meals. I know it requires a lot of effort from your side but with this you will notice that your baby will start developing interest in what is being served to her. Try with new shapes, colors of vegetables, textures etc. and let your baby just dig into the plate that you prepare for her.

Tip No 5: Never discourage messy eating

We don’t like messy eaters as it increases our work later by cleaning all the mess and our babies. But it is really important to make your babies enjoy their food as per their wish. And gradually, you can make them develop good hygienic habits. Let her play around with the baby food, let her spoil her clothes, her mouth, let her take her own decisions while eating. Remember, your baby is learning to eat, eat all by herself. So, just let her do that. You can intervene in between if you find something really wrong like if she is stuffing her mouth completely, otherwise it is absolutely fine for them to create the mess. It is just their way to learn. No need to wipe them time and again while feeding them and no need to spoon feed them each time.

Tip No 6: Include finger foods in your baby’s food

Yes Yes Yes!!!! Include finger foods in your baby’s die. You can start with small bits of food and slowly increase to strips or bigger bites. Babies have really strong and hard gums and they can easily chew. But yes of course, be extra careful while giving finger foods to avoid any kind of choking. Also, serve mushier foods initially like bananas, tomatoes etc and switch over to harder textures with time as you find your baby is ready for them.

Tip No 7: Listen to your mommy instincts

You are the mother and you 100% know what is good for you baby. Listen to your heart. We mothers have a great instinct when it comes to our babies. It is just that we get a bit confused as we are extra cautious. So when you have to take any kind of decision, be it regarding what foods to give, just listen to your heart. You will always do the best for your baby.

Tip No 8: Always follow a schedule

Babies learn with schedules and they get adapted to that as well. It is just that you have to make your baby fit in to the schedule you think is best for her. Always follow the meal times. This way, your baby will also be able to identify her meal time and create less fuss. Have a schedule. The schedule that I follow for Ananya is,

At 8:00 a.m. as she gets up, I serve her milk, at 9:00 a.m.breakfast, at 11:00 a.m. I give her a snack, at 1:00 p.m. I serve her lunch, after that she takes her nap. When she gets up then around 4:00 p.m. I again give her a portion of milk, at 5:00 p.m., a light snack so that she still remains hungry for her dinner, and at 7:30 p.m., I give her dinner.


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