Baby Photoshoot- How to bring out an Amazing Album?

Baby photoshoot

Baby photos are like the treasures that keep us regaling even when we become grandparents to their kids. But Baby Photoshoot is a challenging mission. I recently happen to attend photoshoot of my twin nieces and I can surely say that to do it with my princess is an uphill task for me.

I am a great learner and I learned a lesson or two while watching over this photoshoot. So, here I am sharing what I learned that I will follow when I plan a photoshoot for my daughter. Hope this write-up will give you a few tips as well.

Watch for the happiest time of the day

The first and foremost thing is that both you and your baby must enjoy this experience. Keep watching your baby for a few days for that specific time of the day when she is the happiest. This will let you plan the exact time to go ahead with the shoot. You will feel relaxed that your happy baby is going to give some amazing clicks to cherish forever.

Plan a wardrobe for Baby Photoshoot

Baby Photographers are professionals who suggest the dresses that parents and the baby are going to wear for the shoot. It is good to follow his suggestions. But, my experience is a bit different. I feel that we moms know our babies better than anyone in the world. Even if you find his suggestions tempting, don’t go for it word-to-word, if the dresses suggested are uncomfortable for the baby.  A relaxed baby is a happy baby and a happy baby will look best in pics. So, keeping the expert suggestion in mind, use your own experience and select dresses that compliment your baby and keep her cheerful.

Lookout for pleasant weather

The biggest mistake that my sister-in-law made is that she went ahead with the photoshoot in super hot and sticky weather of July. Both the girls were sweaty, cranky and fussy due to the hot outdoors. Though the album came out to be very impressive, thanks to the professional she hired, but the kids were exhausted by the end of the baby photoshoot. So you should do this in pleasant months of the year.

Plan a balance of Indoors and Outdoors

Let the photographer know that you want a mix of indoors and outdoors for the photoshoot. The contrasting pictures give a very good impression of the final album. Moreover, the change of locations keeps the baby excited and joyful.

Hire the best Professional in Baby Photoshoots

I know Baby Photoshoot is not an easy affair to your pocket. If you have decided on this adventure to make your memorable reminiscences then loosen your purse strings. Hire a professional who is well known in handling babies and their albums. You can ask your friends if they have gone through this. Keep looking till you get the one expert whom you want to hire.

Keep her favorite Toys handy

Even if you have decided a pleasant day, a great location and some cute dresses for your baby for the big day, she still can ruin your expectations by being cranky. Bring along all her favorite teddies, dolls and stuffed toys to your rescue. Plan a strategy for how you will keep her engaged in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. If your baby is in love with some other thing like a kitchen pan or some other item, bring it along. You never know when you are going to need it!!

Plan with your Spouse

Your spouse should be an integral part of the planning and execution of the baby photoshoot. Talk to him/her about the expenses, location, dresses and the day of the shoot. Let him know because you don’t want him to plan a business meet or friendly outing on the D-day, leaving you alone with the baby.

Check the props used for Photoshoot

Most of the photographers use props like benches, chairs, flowers and other kiddie stuff to enhance the appeal of the album. It is of utmost importance to check this stuff for hygiene and allergies. Your baby is going to spend a lot of time with these, so you must be extra careful.

Let the baby rest completely

Make sure that your baby has rested well before her photoshoot. If she has not slept well before, she can be very fussy while shooting.  So, relax your baby completely with a peaceful sleep so that she wakes up smiling and ready for her first photoshoot.

Feed her well and keep her favorite food ready during the shoot

When babies are into some activity they feel hungry quite frequently. So, plan a meal or foods that she gobbles greedily. Feed her properly before the shoot. If she feels hungry in between the shoot, you must request the photographer to pause for the food break.

Final words

These are my tips and suggestion for a baby photoshoot. Even if it is an expensive affair, do it. Your baby is going to love you for this experience when she grows up. Creating beautiful memories is priceless!!

If you have a similar experience to share, please share it in the comment box below.  Your suggestions will perk up our baby photoshoots.


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