The Top 10 Picks: Best Baby Toys for Your 0-6 Months Old in India

Congratulations on being a new mother. What a feeling you must be having right now! I remember my time when I was blessed with Ananya. I got so much particular in everything that was for her, I got so selective, be it in selecting clothes for her, toys, books almost everything.

Before her birth, I had planned everything. I had bought some sets of clothes for her according to the season in which we will be welcoming her, diapers, skin products, bathing products, baby cot, etc. But, one thing that I missed altogether was buying toys for her. And, that I realized after her birth when I wanted to see her getting fascinated and smile. Getting her toys at that time was very difficult for me as I wanted only the best choices. It required exhaustive research for which I was not ready due to my health and my new responsibility. But, I had to do it.

Finding the best baby toys is not easy. This article, I hope will be a guide for all new mommies to buy the best toys for their 0-6 months babies. For other age groups, you can refer to the links. I have included those toys that I found most helpful and enjoyable for my baby. You can use it as a reference as I have compiled it after exhaustive internet and physical store research.

1. Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Play Gym – my topmost pick in best baby toys for a 0-6 month old

This is my topmost pick for best baby toys 0-6 months category. The play gym includes a soft machine washable mat, sounds, colorful lights, music and more than 10 toys and activities to entertain the baby. The toy is absolutely safe for the babies of this age group. The animal figures that it includes are made of good quality material.

It offers three stages of play: Lay and Play, Sit and Play and Stand and Play.Thus, it is used in different modes and for different age groups as well. 

Ananya still plays with the animal figures and loves the ball drop play in the adorable zebra and giraffe. The lights and music fascinate her. When she was of this age, I used to make her lie down on the mat and see her getting excited as she played. She used to kick the animals with her hands and tried to use her legs to dance to the music.

You can buy it from Amazon

2. Chicco Musical Moon

My second pick for baby toys 0-6 months category is this Chicco Musical Moon. Again, a lovely and beautiful toy with such a piece of soothing music for the baby. It can make your baby sleep as well. It is of the shape of the moon with a ring that you can pull to listen to the music. No batteries, no toxic materials nothing. I had tied this toy with Ananya’s crib. And one day, she suddenly tried to pull its chain just to activate it and I got so happy to see her interest and her effort. Even today, I hand over this toy to her especially during our diaper changing session just to calm her down. One of the best baby cot toys!!

musical moon chicco

You can but it from Amazon

3. Chicco Balloon Baby Bouncer

A baby bouncer is required just to keep your baby at a safe place when you have to work. And this, Chicco’s baby bouncer was one of my best decisions as I could make Ananya sit and sometimes even sleep on it while I work.

I also started her semi-solids while making her sit on it when she turned 6 months old. This bouncer has three pendants that can be pulled for different kinds of music like lullabies, melodies or nature sounds. Its backrest is adjustable in 4 positions giving your baby the maximum comfort as per her age. It also comes equipped with a facility to record a 30-second message. I had recorded this message many times for Ananya and she used to smile while listening when I was not around.

It’s another good thing is that it can also be transformed into a rocking chair. Its fabric lining is also machine washable, which I think is much required and it has also got a safety belt. It has a vibration feature as well.

You can buy it from here (Amazon)

4. The VTech Soft Butterfly

The soft butterfly by VTech is made of durable fabric that is safe for your baby. It is such a dynamic toy that can be used even as a rattle, it has got buttons, is interactive and extremely playful. I can say that because my daughter loved it instantly. It even features a motion sensor that activates melodies and magical sounds. The button at its center is in the form of a heart that lights up and triggers a beautiful sound that immediately engages the baby. It says “My heart beats, beats for you…” and I can see that twinkle in Ananya’s eyes. What a beautiful concept!! Lovely.

Soft Butterfly

It’s soft wings even introduce the concept of shapes, numbers, and colors. The handle is easy to grab by your baby’s little hands. You can invest in this toy for a wonderful experience.

You can buy it from here (Amazon)

5. Chicco Toy Magic Forest Cot Mobile Projection

This magic forest cot mobile projector serves the purpose of both the mobile baby cot musical and the projector. It has got three removable ultra-soft plush toys. The toys are rotational and encourage the baby to move her hands and legs just to touch them. You can see the happiness on your baby’s face and her new activities every day once you use this toy in her cot.

Best Baby Toys baby cot mobile

It also includes 7 relaxing melodies that last up to 15 minutes. The music is soothing for the baby and promotes sleep. It even projects the image of a bunny in different colors – yellow, green or blue. All in all, it is a beautifully designed product with a great concept that your baby is surely going to love.

You can buy it from here (Amazon)

6. Chicco Easy Grasp Rings

Chicco Easy Grasp Rings make one of my best picks in case of toys for a 0-6 months old baby that initiate grasping ability. The rings are lightweight and easy to grasp. The contrasting colors of the rings immediately catch the baby’s attention. These are again one of such toys that Ananya still likes. She can now easily make connections and remove them which has improved her coordination ability.

Best Baby Toys rings

You can buy it from here (Amazon)

7. Chicco Toy Rattle 123 Train

The Chicco Toy Rattle 123 Train consists of removable rings that you can use as a rattle as well. A number is written on each wagon to help the baby learn to count. It helps in developing manual coordination skills as each wagon can be removed and re-positioned. 

Best Baby Toys train

You can buy it from here (Amazon)

8. K’s Kids Shake Shake Ball or K’s Kids Rattling Flippo

These are colorful and soft baby rattles that make for a perfect first gift for your baby. You can clip these to your baby’s cot, her pram and they perfectly serve the purpose of take-along toys. Both the toys are made of soft high-quality fabric. You can choose anyone between the two as your baby’s first companion. I preferred Flippo as I found it to be more fascinating for my baby.

Best Baby Toys shake shake ball

You can buy it from here (Amazon)

Best Baby Toys flippo

You can buy it from here (Amazon)

9. Chicco Musical Ball Toy

This Chicco musical softball is made of high-quality fabric and my child loves to roll and shake it. Though it’s recommended age is 6 months but I introduced it to Ananya when she was about 5 months old. It has an ex-tractable battery compartment which makes it machine washable as well. Different sounds and melodies activate when the baby plays with it. I still have the memories of how this ball made my dear daughter crawl early as she used to chase it like anything!! So, this little cute ball is one of the best toys for a 0-6 months baby.

Best Baby Toys soft ball

You can buy it from here (Amazon)

10. Baby Sleep Projector with Star Light Show and Music

This colorful projector projects cute teddies, stars, and moon that Ananya just loves. It also has a soft melody that drifts off the baby to sleep. I used to play it every night when Ananya was around 6-7 months just to make her sleep. I also gifted this toy to my friend’s son when he turned around 3 months and he enjoyed it a lot. Again one of my favorites of that time.


You can buy it from here (Amazon)


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