Best Baby Books – Selection and Suggestions

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten”

Books are our best friends. And why not? They are always there for us, they make us smart, they make us feel satisfied, in short, they make us a better person.

Right from our childhood, we are always taught to read books. Some of us liked it and some of us even didn’t. But, we will agree that we always want to inculcate the habit of reading in us. And that makes the books special.

When it comes to our children, we want them to be great explorers. And books play a great role in expanding their curiosities and their inquisitiveness. Nothing could make us more happy if our children can find their interest in books. Who will create their interest? Obviously, we parents. How? By introducing books to them at their right age. Today, there are variety of books available in both online and physical stores as per the child’s age. So, the main task left is to explore the stores and choose the correct books for our children as per their interest and no one can do this better than us.

Since childhood, I was also not a reading person. But I always wanted to be one. I knew if I don’t read, how can I even ask my child to be a good reader. I knew the importance of books and how it can transform your personality. Fortunately, my husband a very good reader and is always into reading new texts. He is my inspiration too. So, I started with reading small stories and fascinating novels. I started with this when I was expecting Ananya and I realized that I was getting better day by day. The times when I was sad or I was confused, I read a novel and I could feel so satisfied that it used to make me forget my all thoughts and worries. I wanted to see this in Ananya too.

I started exploring books for babies and was astonished to see the varieties available in markets. There were books for each age group. I remember the first book that I bought for her was this The Far-Sighted Swan book (available on Amazon) when she was around 3 months of age. Everyone in my family was like “book at this age? Are you ok?” But, I knew my decision was right. And it absolutely was!! I used to lie down with her on the bed and read it aloud. She used to see the pictures and get excited.

I taught her so many things through this. She used to ask me by pointing “mumma hmmm hmmm hmmm” which in her language means “mumma tell me what is this“. And even today, when she is 1.5 years old, she loves this book. She recognizes each and everything herself. She can map all the things with the world around her.

I din’t introduce text books to her. I bought her really good activity books that she enjoys flipping, touching and help her raise some good good questions. It increases her vocabulary and keeps her away from gadgets. Thank God!!

Through this article, I want to tell you all wonderful mums and dads that please introduce books to your baby. Don’t think of the age. Your child will get in love with them and will develop interest early only if you enable them to. So go, get some books for your baby!!

Choosing good books is not less than a true roller coaster ride!! Soooooooo Sooooooo many many many options. Even today, when I have to buy a book for her, I have to do so much research. On my website, I have tried to add the best books available and that I preferred for Ananya . You can check it out.

Even you can ask me about a book you are planning to buy. I can research it for you and let you know its effectiveness. You can also give your suggestions to me. So, don’t forget to comment 🙂 Your comments mean a lot to me and will help me provide customized content as per your requirements.


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