Chicco Baby Bottle Sterilizer – Steri Natural 3 In 1

I rejoined my job at college when my baby turned six months old. And that was the time when I was forced to take the difficult decision that every new mum hates to take- starting bottle feed!! It was the most difficult decision since I was fully aware of the fact that there is nothing better for a baby than breast feed. But work commitments can’t be avoided.

So, there I was looking for something that can assure me about hygiene of bottles that my baby was going to have. I got this assurance from Chicco Steri Natural 3 In 1 bottle sterilizer.

After getting this bottle sterilizer I realized that I got over the guilt that I started feeling with the decision to start over my career again. Now, the sterilizer has become an integral part of my baby’s room. It travels with us whenever we are travelling. 

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Read along to know why I like it so much.

Bottle Sterilizer Vs. Boiling Bottles?

I too had this question in my mind when I started exploring the options for sterilizers for feeding bottles. I decided to ask my pediatrician for my satisfaction. She explained to me that boiling bottles doesn’t kill the germs completely. The open pans used in the process do pose threat of contamination when boiling water sterilized bottles are kept in the water or stored somewhere else.

I got to learn that feeding bottle sterilizers are designed to maintain a sterilized space where the bottles are stored even after the sterilization process is complete. In steam based sterilizers, bottles don’t touch the water, so the chance of any kind of contamination is almost nil.  Moreover, steam is far effective than boiling water. So my vote went straight to the feeding bottle sterilizers.

Why Chicco Baby Bottle Sterilizer?

Before zeroing on this sterilizer, I explored many shops and checked out the available products. After detailed research I decided to get home a Chicco Steri Natural 3 In 1 sterilizer.  After using it for about three months I observed these benefits-

  1. Optimal size- The sterilizer is of optimal size that can fit in a baby room, kitchen, or a small space in your living room. It can be easily carried along while traveling. You can easily plan your vacations with a protective sterilizer in your baby care products team.
  2. Steam Based- As I already mentioned steam based products ensure a better mechanism to kill those invisible germs. As soon as the right amount of steam is created, the sterilizer starts it magic. Within 5 minutes you will get germ free bottles to feed the baby.
  3. Spacious- It is compact and sterilizes 6 feeding bottles in one go. Enough to last a full day or a night. So, you don’t have to bother about standing near the stove to boil the bottles. You can spend the time with your baby instead. You can also keep baby teethers and pacifiers for sterilization. Thanks to the well designed Chicco Steri Natural 3 In 1.
  4. Easy to use-This sterilizer is far easier to use than boiling the bottles in a pan. All you need to do is fill the water in the water space provided at the bottom, plug in the power socket, place the bottles and other accessories and you are ready to go. Its digital screen indicates when the bottles are sterilized.
  5. No chemicals- The plastic used in making this sterilizer is safe for babies. It doesn’t emanate any harmful vapors or chemicals. You also don’t need to add any washing agents to the sterilizer. Just pre clean the bottles with a good utensil cleaner. The feeding bottles are made germ-free in a natural manner.
  6. Economical- the sterilizer runs on lesser electrical energy than its counterparts. It not only saves power but also saves a lot of your time which you have been spending in kitchen and boiling the bottles. It also uses a very little amount of water, about a glass of it. So, water is also saved. You don’t need sauce pans full of water to boil feeding bottles.
  7. Best Place to store feeding bottles- You can keep the feeding bottles in the sterilizer after sterilization. Whenever your baby needs to be fed, take out a bottle and close the lid tightly. The remaining bottles will stay hygienic. It is a far better option than keeping the bottles in kitchen or refrigerator. 

If power failures are frequent in your area, then you might feel that getting Chicco Steri Natural 3 in 1 sterilizer is not a good option. Otherwise it’s the best buy when health and hygiene of your baby is your top most priority.

My Experience with Chicco Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Recounting my days of beginning my career again, my decision was supported by my husband but the strength came from the fact that my baby is getting bottle feed as hygienic as breast feed.  

Chicco Baby Bottle Sterilizer is economical and eco-friendly. It uses very little power as well as water. The biggest freedom to me  is that before starting for my work place, I sterilize feeding bottles in Chicco Steri Natural 3 In 1 sterilizer. I can relax after that. Since my baby stays with her nanny under my mom’s supervision, I am able to focus on my job with this confidence  that I have done best for my baby.

This sterilizer is lightweight and is easy to carry. It is easy to clean as well. After placing the bottles for sterilization, I complete other chores at home since the sterilizer automatically gets powered off once the sterilizer times out.

Final words

If you are also looking for the best sterilizer for your baby bottles, then this is a product you must try. I can assure you that you will not only be satisfied, but you will also recommend this wonderful product to others just like I am doing here in this review.

If your baby takes bottle feed frequently, it becomes even more essential for you to get a reliable sterilizer. After all you can’t stand whole day in front of stove to boil bottles. Chicco Steri Natural 3 In 1 sterilizer is a high quality product made from child safe plastic and a transparent body to monitor the sterilization process.

I have given my recommendation, but you must read reviews of other parents who are satisfied with this sterilizer. Feel free to share your experience with us about any other sterilizer that you are currently using. We would be happy to share it with our readers, so that they don’t miss a great product that you have found extremely helpful.

Buy this Sterilizer from here (Amazon)


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