Goodnight Moon: A must have for your little one’s library

Goodnight moon

Goodnight Moon: “In the great green room, there was a telephone, and a red balloon, and a picture of cow jumping over the moon….”

Doesn’t it seem unusual? Oh yes! But I tell you, once you show it your baby, you will then realize the beauty of this text. When there will be a twinkle in your baby’s eyes and a big smile.

So, what am I talking about? The “Goodnight Moon” book.

Buy Goodnight moon from here (Amazon)

About Goodnight Moon

This classic children’s literature is a true beloved of generations of small readers. The gentle poetry, the “hushing” illustrations, the transition from one page to another is overwhelming. It was first published in September 1947 (yeah! you can also consider this as its Anniversary post). With a 4.5+ rating and over 11k positive reviews, it is a must-buy for your child’s bookshelf.

Writers of this book?

The book is authored by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd. Margaret Wise Brown was an American writer of children’s books and also called “the laureate of the nursery” for her achievements. To read more about her, you can visit

Margaret Wise Brown, Author of Goodnight Moon | LiteraryLadiesGuide
Margaret Wise Brown

The plot?

In this softly lit great green room, a little bunny, tucked in its bed, is slowly getting off to sleep. All the familiar things are depicted with gentleness and warmth. It takes you to a beautiful journey of whispering goodnight to the room, the moon, the stars, the toy house, the clocks, the socks, the picture of three bears, the mittens, and the kittens, one by one. The attraction lies in the old lady who whispers “hush” which mesmerizes young minds. The final goodnight to the noises everywhere will surely make your baby drift to sleep too!

Why to Buy?

Books are really important for a child’s overall development. In my article, Best Baby Books – Selection and Suggestions, I have tried to focus on the impact that books can have in improvising the young minds. This “Goodnight moon” book is surely going to be the most loved possession of your child. Just give it a try!

Reviews from the readers (source: Amazon):

— an interactive book for toddlers where they can learn their first words,
— a super engaging book and a classic for generations,
— allows small children to read and engage with the images and the short sentences,
–a perfect example of a little character who doesn’t want to go to sleep just yet and will keep adding things to their “goodnight” list.
— it has rhyme and children love rhythm.
— a perfect end to the day that soothes the babies to sleep,
— a strange book that children ask to read over and over,
— finding the little mouse, amuses the little readers……

Where to buy Goodnight Moon?

Buy Goodnight moon from here (Amazon)

Goodnight Moon – Read Aloud

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