A list of Wonderful Indoor Activities for Babies during Quarantine time

Indoor activities for babies

Hello, all mommies and daddies,

I hope you all are doing well. This period of lock-down is not only a crucial time for us but our babies as well. And, now is the time for us to plan some good indoor activities for our babies.

My daughter is nearly 2 years old now and I can see easily how much she must be craving to go out and play. Play out in the park, enjoy her walks and do all that she used to do earlier. 

But babies are confused about what is happening around them. They are not able to express themselves properly and it ultimately affects their health. So, we have to take care of them especially during this period. We, as adults, are aware of the circumstances that we are going through but our babies are tiny little beings who only look up to us during this situation. 

And we, as parents can make this time a happier time for them. You must have set up a routine for your baby earlier as well. But, it definitely must not be working now! This happened to me as well and initially, I was confused about what happened. I gave it a deep thought and realized that if I have stopped her from so many things like going to the park, going for walks, enjoying with her friends, then how I can believe that she will be in her old routine only. So, it is me who has to change!!

But, you know the good thing with babies is that they can easily fit into the new routine that you set for them. So, just give your old things a little bit twist and you are good to go. During this time, we have to set up a lot of indoor activities for them to channelize their energies as otherwise, it will affect their health, their sleep patterns, and their development. 

Babies are a lot more energetic then we are. It just needs out little effort to make them adapt to this situation. In this post, I am going to share how I engage Ananya during this time and make the best use out of it. So, here are my set of indoor activities that I feel are the best for her and that you can try for your babies as well- 

  1. Watering plants: Yes, you heard that right! We all love plants and so do our babies. During the evening time especially, I get a small bucket of water and hand over a small mug to her. Then, I ask her to water each of the plants. She loves doing so!! This makes her so positive and even refreshes her. She even caresses each of the plants to show her love. It is so lovely to see her do this.  This, I think is one of the best indoor activities for babies.
  2. Enjoyable bath time: Luckily, these are summers! So, you can let your child spend some of the time in the bathtub or a bucket of water. My baby loves bathing. She loves playing with water, making bubbles and even cleaning herself. She likes to use soap on her own (but definitely I am always there in the front keeping a watch on her) or putting water all over. So, this becomes a really enjoyable time for us both and we can even spend some quality time together. 
  3. Encourage self-feeding: This is the time you are with your baby all day. And this is the time to set up good habits for her as well. You can use this time by offering a good amount of finger foods and see her enjoy. But, make sure you never leave her alone and watch her for any kind of choking. It will help her to self-feed herself and even keep her engaged for some time. Let your child enjoy her food or even create a mess out of it!
  4. Family engaging activities: Fortunately, most of us are with our families. You can set up some activities that will involve your whole family. With babies, everyone automatically gets involved. Set up some dance sessions where everyone has to simply dance and play around. Your baby is surely going to love this. It will be refreshing for each one of you. You can even set up small games like a ‘race’ where you can make your baby get the ‘1st rank’. Or it can be a small ‘tipi tipi tap tap, what color do you want’ game where you ask for a color that your baby has to find. And trust me, it works! Then there is hide and seek game which every child loves. They love being found and they love finding you. 
  5. Engage with house chores: You can even engage her with house-hold chores like cleaning and wiping and make this an indoor activity for your baby. Believe me, babies love to do that! You just have to hand over them a wipe and they will start wiping everything. It is not that you are making them do the work, but just get them involved with you. And later, even if it becomes a mess, you will enjoy the time you all spent. You can even ask your kid to clean her toys only. This will make them even play with them again. I tell you when I make chapatis, I also ask Ananya to come around and give her a little piece of the dough that she enjoys rolling or making diyas out of it. 
  6. Educational games: We have to be cautious about their development as well during this time. So, we have to plan some good educational games and include them in the indoor activities for our babies. It can be like scribbling or playing some puzzles. What I do is I hand her over a pencil and a paper and ask her to make dots or draw lines. You can even sing rhymes and dance to the tunes to make her learn them, let her paint with natural colors like the beetroot water or the spinach water!!

These are just my suggestions and some indoor activities for babies that I pursue to keep Ananya engaged. You can even suggest your ideas and I will incorporate them as well. Also, don’t forget to comment as they mean a lot to me.


A software engineer, then a teacher, a wife, a mother and now a freelancer, oh yes! I have enjoyed my journey. So little the time, so much to achieve. I hope I will satisfy myself one day. Connect with me at: connect@newmum.life

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  1. Punam says:

    Nice article!!! Very apt for parents with kids.

  2. Meghna says:

    I am glad i found this article! I have been struggling with taking care of my kid who must remain at home. Thanks for the tips..will surely try them.

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