Postpartum Depression- How to fight it with meditation?

postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a reality of a new mum’s life that people around her fail to understand or even acknowledge. When I was expecting my daughter, I went through extreme nausea and physical discomfort. I was so hopeful that delivering the baby will be the last tough challenge of my life. But I was shocked to realize that the postpartum phase is worst than being pregnant.

No doubt that my daughter is the most precious part of my life and I thank god for this blessing but some days are really rough. Most of the times the changing sleep patterns of baby, feeding her and other routine chores were taking a toll on my sanity. I was going through such a traumatic phase that I used to lose my patience easily. It was an agony since I always considered me as a cool person. But here I was, doing all un-cool things like picking up squabbles with my husband, getting easily irritated and staying angry all the time.

When my daughter turned 6 months, I decided to end up all this negativity and try to re-discover myself. I started looking for peace and so I ended up with what was least expected from me- Meditation.

Yes, that’s true!!

I who always ridiculed these mental excursions found my nirvana in meditation.  Now, after a year of practicing I go into deep meditation. I have already started to feel calmer, happier and more powerful than ever before.

If you too have realized that you are facing postpartum depression, go ahead and try these simple but powerful meditation techniques. All you need is 10-20 minutes when your baby is sleeping. It can be any time you can find some calm space. No specific time of day.

Some Meditations for Fighting Postpartum Depression

Simple Meditation

This is one practice that I normally do when I have just 5- 10 minutes in my hand to sit without being disturbed.  To do this meditation I sit near my baby while she is sleeping. It is done with closed eyes. I allow my mind to wander and observe the thoughts that arise in my mind. Plainly observing the thoughts, is, what the trick is! I become aware of what I am thinking and I don’t control the thoughts or follow them or trying to change them.  Just like we observe a bird or a flower, I observe the thoughts. After a few minutes, the frequency of thoughts reduces and my mind becomes calm. No need to chant or force the mind to stop thinking.  I do this until I feel peaceful.

This small routine lets me understand why I am behaving in a specific manner. Reading it you may feel that this is ridiculous. But, you must try it for at least a week before striking it off completely.  It will definitely amaze you.

Contentment Meditation

This one is a guided meditation by the Art of Living. Though it is not specially designed for young mothers I found great solace in it while facing postpartum depression.  The serene voice of Guruji takes away all the stress as he guides you through the meditation. This is one of the excellent meditations I ever followed. It relaxes my body and soul.

You can get the meditation here

Note: if you are practicing this meditation near your baby  use headphones.

Relaxing Music for Mother and Baby

This meditation is my time with my baby. This is actually calm music that hooks my mind to peace and serenity. I do this with my daughter when she is about to sleep and I tuck her up in her bed and play this relaxing music while holding her hand. I always feel her tiny body calming down and my own mind relaxes easily after a hectic day.  

You can get this meditative music at

Final words

In my one and a half years of motherhood, I have learned that to raise a baby, a mother needs to stay calm all the time. Daily stresses related to work, home or relationships can suck the life out of us, the mothers. So, we must have a relaxing technique that keeps us grounded when everything is not OK with the baby or family. 

I have found my technique and would love to hear how you keep yourself relaxed with a baby and handle postpartum depression.  Do share your experiences. We would love to follow them and share with our readers.


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