Nursery Rhymes – Are they Important for your Baby?

This might seem like an unusual blog post to many mums! But, it isn’t. This post deals with one of the most important communication mediums for babies – the nursery rhymes. Babies love nursery rhymes and so do we. Do you remember how many nursery rhymes we used to recite during our childhood days? I am sure many of us would.

Why Nursery Rhymes for the Baby?

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

How I wonder What You Are

Up Above The World So High

Like A Diamond in the Sky

The time I started reciting rhymes to my baby was when she was in my womb. I used to sing those to her while caressing my bump. And she started reciprocating with a kick! Wow! That was a beautiful time. When she was born, I always made a practice to recite her different poems as per my knowledge every day. It could be just during her bath time, her mealtime or even sleep time. And then I also used a Bluetooth speaker, hand it over to her and play the rhymes on it. The speaker I used was Infinity JBL Fuse Pint. It was very compact and easy to hold in her little hands.

I made sure that this particular rhyme session lasts for about an hour or so. This helped me to keep her engaged in some kind of activity like dancing to the tunes or imitating the rhyme itself. And it soon became one of hers as well my favorite pass times.

Even today, when she is 18 months old, we execute this hobby daily. But now, not using the speakers or me only reciting them, but like a communication session. This way she has learned so many rhymes that she can even recite many of them on her own. To make her learn, what I did was to say the complete sentence except for the last word and made her say the last word. Such as, in Twinkle Twinkle little star, I used to say “Twinkle Twinkle little” and she used to say “staaaar”. Then, I clap on her correct response. Believe me, it is so enjoyable that we both love it. It gives both of us the time to laugh and to play.

And now, I just have to ask her to recite a poem and she tries it completely on her own, looks into my eyes with a sense of accomplishment and of course, expects a clap. I think this is what we all want! It has made her grasp new things, listen carefully, imitate the characters, dance to the tunes and most importantly, made her confident.

So, just start it with your baby, enjoy your time together and make her entrance into this lovely world of poems!!


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