Sophie la Girafe Teether – a Teething Baby’s Best Friend

Buy Sophie la Girafe Teether from here (Amazon)

My baby has grown up now. But I can never forget her teething days. It was a complete mess. Firstly, nobody told me what to expect in this phase of growing up with a baby.  I was clueless on what should I do to calm her down? Her urge to bite everything, chew all she can lay her tiny hands on, left me hysterical. I was literally on the verge of breaking down when my elder sister, a mom of 3 years old,  told me that a teether is the handiest toy for babies in the teething stage. In my search for the best teethers, I tried to buy any teether that anyone suggested but, I failed to give her comfort. But, thankfully my search ended with Sophie la Girafe Teether.

Sophie la Girafe Teether
Sophie la Girafe

It was just a miracle!!  One day I was waiting in my doctor’s lounge for an appointment when I reluctantly read about this teether in a magazine lying there. The cost was definitely on a higher side but I decided to give it a try. I was amazed by its features and benefits. Now looking back, I can say that it was the best decision I had taken for my princess. After buying it, as soon as I opened its pack, my daughter drooled over this cute teether. I heaved a sigh of relief.

If you too are going through this phase of raising a baby, then try Sophie la Girafe Teether on the advice of a happy mom.

Why Sophie la Girafe Teether?

To begin with, Sophie la giraffe is a lovable toy from a company that is into the manufacturing of baby products for more than the last 50 years. After using this teether, I immediately knew why this company is in this for so long. They mean business when it comes to keeping a baby happy and cheerful.

Second, this teether is made of 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree. It has been scientifically proven that this is the best natural rubber as far as suppleness is concerned. It does not emanate any harmful chemical or smell due to the high-quality colors used to make it gorgeous looking. So, nothing can be as safe as a chemical-free teether. It is soft-to-touch and easy-to-hold even by those chubby little fingers. 

Of course, the soft textured giraffe is adorable; its chewable parts are the USP of this teether. It has small to big chewable parts to satisfy different chewing desires of a cranky baby. The ears, the horns, and the legs are perfect to alleviate irritation of tender baby gums.


  • Manufactured with 14 manual operations to make each teether any baby’s best friend
  • Natural 100% Hevea tree rubber with zero risks of chemicals
  • Natural pastel color giving it a cool look
  • Soft and supple to chew, bite or lick to gratify unanticipated tantrums of a teething baby
  • No harsh edges, smooth finish for 100% safety
  • Ears, legs and horns for different chewing needs
  • It is a cute looking toy that immediately catches  a baby’s attention
  • Easy to hold from different angles
  • Lightweight and of ideal size to carry along in a baby bag or a diaper bag
  • Easy to wash and sterilize in a bottle sterilizer
  • Learning toy that helps in improving the baby’s grip and hand maneuvering


  • If not taken proper care, it may attract dirt. It is best to sterilize Sophie la Girafe Teether frequently just like you do with the feeding bottles.

My Experience

I had the best experience in teething days of my baby, thanks to a thoughtfully designed teether like Sophie la Girafe Teether. I would recommend it to every mom in the world who has a little hint of upcoming scary teething phase. My doll has grown out of the age of teething but she still loves this adorable toy. She still loves to bite and chew it. 

The teether is in excellent shape even after a year of constant chewing. It gives a good company to my little girl. She never allows me to stow it away from her sight. As soon as she realizes that the teether is not around, she launches a manhunt for it. Of course, I am at her beck and call. I can sense her deep emotional attachment with this toy. This toy has relieved her in her worst days- teething days. Now, it has become her comfort toy.  

Final words on Sophie la Girafe Teether

If you want to keep your baby cheerful and playful during teething days buy Sophie la Girafe Teether for your bundle of joy. Read what its buyers have to say about it. Just make sure that you get an original Sophie la Girafe Teether. Check reviews and ratings of other buyers on online shopping sites, before taking a final decision.

Buy Sophie la Girafe Teether from here (Amazon)


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