Top 15 Mother’s Day 2020 Gift Ideas during Lock-down

Mother'S Day

Mother’s day 2020 is on 10th May 2020. Despite the lock-down and restrictions everywhere, we can still make it special for our mothers. In this post, I have tried to compile a list of mother’s day 2020 gift ideas that you can try and make this day a memorable one for your mother.

If you are with your mother, nothing can beat that but even if you are at a different location, you can still make it special for her. So, just read on and let me also know your opinions and views on these mother’s day 2020 gift ideas. You can also give your suggestions in the comments section below and I will be happy to add them to this list with your name and location. 

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DIY Greeting Card

Nothing can surely beat a beautifully created greeting card. And anyone can create it. Just play with your imagination, use beautiful colors, write a poem, or a message. You can even search the internet for various options. Your hard work will surely pay and you can easily see the beautiful smile on your dear mom’s face once she sees it. She will be overwhelmed with your creativity and thoughts.  

mother's day 2020 greeting card

A sample idea for you –

A wonderful meal

rice meal

Wow!! Which lady doesn’t like to be pampered with her favorite meal and that too cooked by her family members. Your mother has always prepared you tempting dishes. This time, try and cook for her. It can be a breakfast, lunch or even dinner, your choice! I remember when I was a kiddo, once I decided to surprise my mom and cook a meal for her. I didn’t know much cooking so I just prepared “Tomato chutney” and rice only along with custard. And she still praised me like anything. She was so happy and I could see that in her eyes. So, just try this once.

A message box

message box

Now that’s creative and thoughtful. You can write messages for her in small sheets of paper, fold them, and put them up in a beautiful DIY box. It can be a decorated glass jar or even a cardboard box, anything! You can also involve your family members to write the messages. She will get happy with your thoughts and feelings about her. 

A digital video message

Yes! That’s easy even if you are away. You can record beautiful messages for her and even ask your family members for recordings. Then, you can compile all these messages into a single video and send it to her as her first wish of the day. You will surely see how happy she gets with your this gesture. 

A collage for that digital frame

If you have a digital frame at home, use it up now! Make a collage of the family photographs that depict her presence and importance in your lives. Display that collage in the digital frame and put it in her room and see her happiness!

Embroidery on her dupatta or shirt


If you are good at embroidery or even learning it, you can use it as a gift for her. Take her old dupatta, shirt, it can be anything. Decorate it with embroidery or you can even use fabric paints etc. and you can gift this to her. You will surely make her smile with your efforts. 

Bake a cake/cookies

That’s easy yet a wonderful gift. These days, the internet is filled with so many cakes and cookie ideas. Use them up! You can even use simple and healthy frosting ideas like using honey glaze, jam glaze, decorated with fruits, or even custard, etc. So, go ahead and bake for her.  I love baking. Here’s a pic of cake by me –

Gift her chocolates made by you

Valentine'S Day, Chocolates

Again, a wonderful gift for any occasion. And chocolates are loved by all. Thinking it would be difficult? No. Chocolates can easily be made using even edible coconut oil. Try this recipe link from hebbar’s kitchen –

It turns out so yum yet is so easy!

Paper flowers

Flowers, Paper, Colorful, Decoration, Party, Creativity

Yes! You heard that right! Make a paper flower for her. You remember we used to make paper roses when we were kids as an art and craft activity. You can start doing that again but this time as a gift. Check out this video for an example –

It is really easy to do!

Give her a massage


Yes, you heard that right! Give her a soothing massage. Dim the lights, use aromatic oils, turn on some light music, and make her relax. This is surely going to be her best time. 

Give her a day off

Allow her to rest, relax, and enjoy! Just give her an off from her work if you can do so. Let her do things only for her. And you do the things that she always does for you – cleaning, cooking, laundry, everything! Let her watch TV, listen to music, walk or even chat with her friends. 

Hand-made wall hanging

There are several ideas for this. You can use your old photographs and decorate them. You can even use a small wooden piece, write quotes on that, and turn it onto a beautiful wall hanging. So, just use your thoughts and give her something beautiful. Here is a wall hanging by me using old flowers and dried leaves-

Write a letter


Nothing can beat the feeling that we can write in a letter. Use that old school style and write a letter to her. Even if you are at different locations, you can use digital means to express your feeling. Use magical words and tell her what you feel about her. 



If she is a reading person, make personalized bookmarks. That’s easy to do. Gift her those bookmarks and make her remember you every time she uses them. 

This video might help –

DIY earrings

Girl, Kid, Child, Hands, Eggs, Easter, Spring, Coloring

Yes! This can a beautiful gift. I am a teacher and on my birthday, my student once gifted me with a pair of earrings that she had made. I felt special and you can make her feel special too.

This video may help you:

I hope these mother’s day 2020 gift ideas and resources I have shared will help you in making this day a memorable one for your mother. If you like these, don’t forget to comment and share. 


A software engineer, then a teacher, a wife, a mother and now a freelancer, oh yes! I have enjoyed my journey. So little the time, so much to achieve. I hope I will satisfy myself one day. Connect with me at:

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