Best Baby Toys – Selection and Suggestions

“Toys are children’s words and play is their language!”

– Garry L. Landreth

best baby toys

Welcome mommies and daddies to the world of toys. Toys are a baby’s best friends. The best education that you can give to your child is through toys. They entertain a child in addition to teaching them. We all love to pamper our children with interesting toys, be it their birthdays, any family event, a celebration, or even no reason at all.

However, the most difficult part is the toy selection itself! This article may help you with the selection of the best toys for your baby and will give you some suggestions that you can look upon!!. I have tried to compile a list of toys that I found best for my baby and that she loved the most. Just read on to know more…

Selecting the Best Toys

There are musical toys, educational toys, rattles, cars, and other vehicles, soft toys, construction sets and what not! But, have you ever wondered that the toys that you select for your children have a great impact on their development and communication.

Yes. That’s true. I have seen it with Ananya (my 1.5-year-old) too. The toys that I selected for her improvised her skills in addition to developing her interest.

When I had to buy any toy for her, I was always skeptical and used to read a lot of reviews, I mean a dozen of websites, check the prices, go to stores physically and then make my decision. After that complete exercise, I used to buy a single toy. Markets (both physical as well online) are flooded with products. And we like them too. But, it is important to choose the correct one.

What not to do

Pampering your babies with several toys is a big NO. Selection is important. Just think if we have a lot of options, what will we do? Get confused? Obviously Yes! It happens with them too and it will hamper their playtime. They will switch between the toys and ultimately get bored with them all. So, you must have a good selection list.

Exposing your baby to several toys all at once is also not recommended. Try and give your babies one toy at a time. When they are done playing with that, then switch to another one. This will make them learn properly what we want them to learn from that toy and make them satisfied.

And, most importantly, I never drew a line between the girl and boy toys. Do we need it? Certainly, No. Toys are for everyone. May be your daughter finds her interest in basketball and your son in the cooking sets. That’s fine.

List of Best Baby Toys

After my research, I have tried to compile a list of toys that I will suggest to you all as per my experience. You are all super mommies and daddies. It is just a little effort from my side that can be of help to you. I hope that you find the list good for your baby as well.

Here is the list of the top 10 picks for a 0-6 month old.

Please do let me know how did you find it or any queries or suggestions that you would like to give in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you all.


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