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welcome home baby

Are you going to welcome home newborn baby? Are you worried about how you will manage at home with your bundle of joy? Well, bringing home your newborn baby can be an overwhelming experience especially in the age of nuclear families. Since we are cut off from our roots and traditional support systems, we need to be very cautious while raising a baby. New parents may be feeling separated by distance and borders and are dependent on the services provided by the hospital. There is a need to be prepared in these circumstances for a memorable experience of bringing home a baby.

Preparations before leaving the hospital

The most important point is to listen carefully to the instructions given by the doctors and hospital staff about handing the new-born and immediate follow-up visits. A normal post-delivery stay of 3-5 days at the hospital provides sufficient rest and time to recover to the mother. During this period, the hospital staff provides support in handling the new-born. This is a time for the new mum to learn the basics ‘on their job’ with the staff.

Close observation of the experts can help in any specific needs of the mother and newborn. Hence, the mother and her family members or friends need to stay alert and learn all. They must be active participants. Just before leaving the hospital it is vital to understand all the instructions.  Some of these remain verbal and one needs to be alert.

Another practical aspect is of ensuring that all the prescribed things like medicines, consumables, etc. are procured from the in-house pharmacy. Coming back to hospital pharmacy within a short time is best avoided as there is a lot to do once you reach home with your bundle of joy.

Best time of the day to leave the hospital and welcome home newborn baby

As such, there is no specific time of the day to reach home.  However, as a parent of the newborn, you may be anxious or panicky and need to consult somebody (let’s say your doctor/Pediatrician)

So, my advice is to reach home in the morning hours or before the afternoon. It will be comfortable for you and your baby to settle down for at least 4-5 hours of daylight before it gets dark as some babies grow cranky during evenings. Therefore, if you reach in the morning baby, you will get enough time to get adjusted to the new place “Baby’s own home”.

Avoid coming home in the late evenings or Night.

What if you have an elder sibling and are to welcome newborn baby?

An elder sibling of the newborn baby can be a great advantage. This is however not a necessary condition to have a baby.

Being a parent start involving your elder child in all chores related to the new baby from the very beginning itself.

You should start involving him/her before the baby’s birth. The chores can be from cleaning the house to packing bags for the hospital. Elder one should not feel left out, rather he /she should be given responsibilities of this new journey of his/her life.  Elder one must take this as a happy addition not an entry of a stranger in his happy life.

So, better is to assign some “easy” tasks for him to be a part of this new chapter. Believe me, they can be your best “assistants” if you know how to handle them in this situation.

What if you have a pet at home?

Pets are good companions if trained well. It’s very important to keep the house clean if you have pets. Babies are very delicate and sensitive. They develop allergies very fast so you need to be very careful with the hygiene part.

Generally, pets are very intelligent. They can sense these things naturally. They are not going to harm the baby at all. But still,  you need to teach your pet about this new member of his family so that the pet should know how to react..

The pets must be vaccinated at the scheduled time as recommended by your vet. This ensures that there are no gaps in the safety expected from the environment around your little one. You need to get your pet vaccinated at the suggested schedule.

Believe me, pets are very intelligent. They just need the right guidance from you to behave around the newborn.

What to do immediately after reaching home

welcome home newborn baby the way you want to. Take your baby for a quick round of her home and then let the baby get comfortable. The best way is the mother and child should be given enough time to settle as a newborn know her mothers the best.

Do not panic with the baby’s cries. She doesn’t know how to smile at this age. Offer Breastfeed frequently and check the nappy or diaper for change. A close watch over the first 24-48 hours at home will help you understand the behavior pattern of the baby.

Most of the time they will indeed sleep, waking up for a feed or a diaper change.  They need to be observed so that the next few days’ requirements are known to the mother. This is the time when you too need to start learning about your baby’s requirements and emotions.

Most of the time, there is a scheduled appointment with the gynecologist and pediatrician within the first week of reaching home. A careful observation of the baby will help you to get the maximum out of the early vital meetings. So, remain alert on the first few days before the appointments.

How to set a daily schedule for you and your new-born

This is the most important part of the journey. You must spend a pleasant time with your newborn. If you are a working mother,  take at least 3-6 months of leave from your work as this time will never come again. Believe me, you are going to enjoy this as you see your baby growing day by day.

This is the time when a baby needs a mother the most. So, you should be free to be around almost all of the time. Prefer to do all other domestic tasks when the baby is sleeping. Try to spend most of the time with the baby when she is awake.

Final words on – welcome home newborn baby

This is a beautiful journey. Enjoy it thoroughly. This blessing of God will keep surprising you every day. Be patient and enjoy this phase of life as you will always be a learner in the job called MOTHERHOOD.

If you have some other tips and suggestions to share, do share in the comments box. It will be a great help to our readers.                                                                                   

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