The Complete Hospital Bag for Delivery Checklist – What to Pack?

Hospital Bag for Delivery

Well, it is your final day.. the day you were waiting for 9 long months!! Deciding what to take in your hospital bag for delivery is crucial and should be done at least one month before your due date. You should do the preparations beforehand (in your first two trimesters) – including buying stuff or packing and your maternity bag should be ready by your third trimester. This is important as with third trimester, comes its own challenges and you may wish to just relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

The following list is of the items I decided to pack in my hospital bag for delivery. I have divided the list into three parts – one consisting of the items for the mother, second for the baby and third for your attendant.

Items for You (the Mother) in your Hospital Bag for Delivery-

  1. Two sets of dresses in which you feel most comfortable and which you can easily wear. Preferably, take a lower instead of legging or jeans so that you can get the best comfort.
  2. One nice dress for your photo-shoot (in case you have planned) with your baby (as these are the pics which you will remember for life, so you need to look a little nice :)).
  3. Comfortable lingerie.
  4. A bath towel and a hand towel.
  5. All the toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, bath soap and hand wash.
  6. A comb and a good moisturizer.
  7. A pair of your comfy slippers.
  8. Some tissue papers, a hankey and some jute bags to put in the used stuff (really really useful!!).
  9. Your hospital card and all the test reports (most important).
  10. Your mobile phone and its charger.
  11. A photo ID proof.
  12. And make sure you remove all your jewelry and cut your nails short.

Items for your Baby

  1. At least three pairs of socks and mittens (this is required to keep the baby warm and cozy).
  2. Two soft cotton based head caps. You should always avoid woolens on a newborn baby and prefer cotton based clothing.
  3. 3 to 4 sets of soft t-shirts and lowers. Prefer front-open t-shirts as they are easy to handle on a newborn. You yourself will understand this once you start dressing your new one.
  4. A swaddling sheet. Use a thick cotton based sheet. And if it is winters, you can use soft knitted ones.
  5. Diapers (newborn baby size) and Cotton nappies. Take them in bulk as you would be changing them frequently. Newborn babies poop very frequently.
  6. Baby comb or a brush.
  7. A baby blanket, a cotton sheet, and a baby pillow.
  8. Cotton pads for wiping the baby or baby wipes (whichever you prefer).
  9. A set of dry sheets.
  10. A soft towel for the baby.
  11. A small steel bowl and a spoon. Hospital staff may require this for feeding the baby initially. But if your baby could take your feed, then nothing can be more magical than that.

Items for the Attendant

  1. A blanket/cotton sheet.
  2. At least two sets of clothes.
  3. And the basic items like a bath towel, a toothbrush, a toothpaste, a phone charger, slippers, and a comb.
  4. These are the items that I considered important and packed in my hospital bag for delivery. I hope it of some help to you. You can give your suggestions in the comments section below.

This hospital bag checklist must complete everything that you might require. Everything will be smooth and you will be home with your little bundle of joy. In case, you wish to read about what things you should keep in mind when you welcome your newborn baby, just take a look at this article: Welcome Home Newborn Baby – What to keep in mind


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